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Nabla Artika Collection Review and swatches

Hi everyone!

New post, new review, new swatches! 🙂

Today I want to talk about an italian brand I personally really enjoy! The art director is an italian guy that worked for Kiko cosmetics as a beauty consultant for the company, then he became a famous Youtuber and now he is also one of the owner of this relatively new company: Nabla Cosmetics

Today we are going to discuss a little bit of the collection called Artika that came out for winter.

I ordered six eyeshadows and a lipstick.  I’ve already ordered some eyeshadows from the brand and I had such a great impression from the quality of mthe products that when I saw the collection on YouTube I knew I had to order something from it!

Starting from the left top row we have Circle, Fahrenheit and Desire. Then starting from the left bottom row we have: Chatter Mark, Baltic and Mellow.

My favorite colors from this palette that I personally choose from the Artika collection are Circle (gorgeous transition shade), Fahrenheit wich is a  beautiful unusual matte fire engine color, Chatter Mark and Baltic. The eyeshadows retail for € 6,50 wich is a fair price for the amount of product that you get in the actual pan and the permanent line from what I could tell from the prevoius purchase it’s amazing!!! Oh and also if you get six eyeshadows usually the palette is free along with the order and I think this is pretty cool for such a high quality brand.

Overall aniway I have to say I like more the basic collection from the brand, it is more pigmented and it lasts better on the eyes even without a primer.


Don’t get me wrong I like the colors I chose but everytime I apply these eyeshadows I feel have to really pack the color on, they are not as creamy as I tought they would be.


And here we come with my opinion on the lipstick that I got. It’s called Kernel.


I do not have bad things to say about this lipstick. I love it, I love the color, I love that it’s a matte formula, I love how creamy it is but still it’s going to last a very long time on your lips, I love how much compact and sleek the packaging is. It’s a really great lipstick and I’m definetly going to try more from the line that it’s called Diva Crime (such a fun captivating name!). They retail for € 12,90 wich is a little bit up there in price but for the formula I think it’s worth it.

And I think that’s it for this review!

Don’t forget to check out the website if you are interested in any of the products I showed you in this review (and by the way this post is not sponsored by the company, they don’t even know who I am!).

Bye guys! 🙂

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    1. Hi! They are a relatively new company but they are really working hard to expand themselves to other countries and I know for sure they sent products to foreign Youtubers and bloggers! So for now I think they ship just in Italy… but who knows? 😉

      I love your blog! 🙂

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